Six Pack Care

Rs. 7,500.00 Rs. 6,995.00

  •  Full Abdominal, crunch and Sit-Up Exerciser
  •  Back, Shoulder, Arms, Leg and Core Ads 10 Minutes Daily Exercise
  • Maximum load weight: 100kgs
  • Designed with a firm steel frame
  • 6 quality steel springs
  • Seat can rotate 360 degrees
  • 6 quality form rollers at the back and 2 at the to.


8 IN 1 Wonder Master is upgraded from the so called Six Pack Care.It’s a new fitness innovation that works all the major muscle groups and provides a full abdominal workout in one portable exerciser.Choose from 8 different exercises to enjoy trim,toned abs as well as stronger hips,thighs,legs,arms,pectorals,and a flab-free new physique.

Put all the features of this exercise bench together and you have all you need to perform a variety of strengthening and toning exercises. Work on your arms, upper muscles, back and abdominals in comfort with the chest expanders, rolling massage feature, press-up handles and more. There’s also a rotating seat, which will go 360 degrees with you as you exercise your oblique muscles.

Invest in this exercise machine and you’ll soon be back to your regular workout routine, or trying a new one! With the variety of exercise routines possible with this machine, you’ll be investing in a fitness product that will see you long into the future. To start off your home gym in style, just click ‘Buy Now’ to secure your deal today.


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