Multiplug Mt Everest B42

Rs. 500.00

Create A Professional Quality And Saftey

Suitable Plug Type

Genuine Material Good Outlet



  • High Conductivity Phosphor Sheet Copper with nickel.Ultra long  use life perfect abrasion performance. Plug in and pull out can be more than  10000 times.
  • Fire resistance PC engineering plastic material for the panel ,IT is rich in an aerobic gene. decomposed while touching naked  It can is late oxygen   or and it is high fire resistance. anti- knocked, droppable fire resistance complied with USA UL94VO.
  • Plug Bush teeth technology adopt to many kinds of local over standard plugs . Used whole phosphor bronze for the inside plug bush.  Perfect conduction and degree or elasticity and get through the safety test by national  professional
  • Perfect Power Cell Use 0.75 mm power cell with certification accord with national standard continuously used with 2500w rated power. It is better for conduction. But not easy inteneration and


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