Infrared Massage Hammer Dolphin (KL-99)

Rs. 1,495.00

  • Strong and vigorous beating function
  • Streamlined design
  • light and nice


  • Penetrating Massage Stretching Body and Mind: Close massage can relieve fatigue and ache because of movement and nervous tension. When your muscle is painful and stiff because of tiredness, good massage can help to relax and renew your youth.
  • Strong and vigorous beating function: Strong beating function can osmosis muscles organism to ease pain. Close massager weight is concentrated on massage head, so that the massage intensity widely strength.
  • With speed adjusting function: with two adjustable massage speed, so you can enjoy massage flexible. Fast massage speed can stretch tensive muscle, and slow massage speed can help to ease muscles Pain.
  • Streamlined design, light and nice: Ingenious outside design is best on the characteristic of body engineering. It is easy to use and take. And will make you enjoy massage pleasure at any time.


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